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Trinity Academy International seeks to equip you with knowledge and resources of the English language, and Life Skills that will enable you to respond effectively in professional and personal situations. Here, you can register for tiered courses catered to your fluency in English. 

Our courses are taught by experienced trainers from Singapore, and have a low trainer-to-student ratio for optimised learning. Get ready for an interactive and engaging experience whilst learning English, and essential skills for life!




Belinda Charles

Academy Advisor

A lifelong educator, Belinda started her journey first as a teacher and principal, and has recently retired as Dean of the Academy of Principals (Singapore). She remains a part-time Academy Associate with them and lectures part-time with the National Institute of Education, Singapore.


She believes in lifelong learning and thrives in helping others see and develop in their fullest potential.


Jessie Cheong

Program Advisor

As the Managing Director of an educational assessment company in Singapore, Jessie is trained in Assessing Language Proficiency and has been actively involved in clients’ relations management and consultancy of ETS products (such as TOEIC) to multinational corporations and government agencies for the last 18 years.

Jessie is constantly exploring ways to enhance language acquisition by learners, with the aim of helping individuals achieve success in life.


Shirleen Lee

English Curriculum Editor

With 12 years of experience of teaching English as a foreign language to students of diverse ages, nationalities and backgrounds, Shirleen has a unique range of skills and teaching styles that help students raise their competency in the English language.

Shirleen is passionate about engaging students in the classroom and helping them to enjoy learning and communicate confidently.


Deborah Chiang

English Trainer

Deborah holds an honours degree in the English Language and is certified in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).


She is passionate about engaging learners from diverse backgrounds and making English enjoyable and meaningful for them.


Deborah is also involved in linguistics research and speaks English, Mandarin, and Vietnamese.


Roger Goh

English Trainer

Roger has been in banking industry for over 30 years. His work includes training and system development within the Asia-Pacific region.

He is CELTA-trained and committed to helping individuals learn and communicate better. Roger is currently involved in teaching at Trinity Academy in Bangkok.


Rosalind Han

English Trainer

Rosalind has a vast teaching experience across Asian countries such as Thailand, China, Japan and Singapore. She is also the Senior HR Director overseeing the Asia Pacific region for her company.

She is passionate about helping foreign students and working adults learn the English language and has coached individuals of varying ages – from working adults to children as young as five years old.


Ngoi Ming Li

English Trainer

Ming Li acquired her rich training experience through stints in Singapore, United States of America, Jakarta and Bangkok. Her passion for English training and heart for learners brought her to Kasem Bandit University and Chulalongkorn University as a volunteer English Teacher in 2014 and 2015.

Ming Li is CELTA trained and certified and now lives in Bangkok, in pursuit of her passion – teaching English.


Lai Siew Min

Mandarin Trainer

With more than 30 years of teaching experience, Siew Min has taught in many top schools and polytechnics in Singapore. She holds a Masters degree in Chinese Language and a graduate diploma in Education, and has written and edited various Chinese language teaching materials and courses for students of different background and ages. 

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